Referral Program

I’ve revamped my Referral Program so that I can reward my clients who have helped my business grow and also provide incentive to those potential clients to try me out.  Here’s how it works:

For the client who referred a new client to me (and they have had their session with me)  you have these options.

You can add 30 minutes to one of your massages OR

Receive $30 off a regularly priced session.

If you are a client who purchases packages on a regular basis you can use the $30 off of a gift certificate for a regularly priced session for someone else.

OR you can save up your 30 minute rewards so that eventually you will have 1 free 60 or  90 minute massage.

Some people like the extra time and to some money is a more tangible reward. Please let me know what appeals to you and thanks for your support!