Pricing & Services

Here are the prices for the most common massage requests:

One 60 Minute massage $80

One 90 minute massage $110

One 45 Minute massage $65

One 30 Minute massage $50*

Packages are available for 3 or more Massages:

60 minute package price $70 each

90 minute package price $100 each

45 minute package price $55 each

*30 minute sessions are for emergencies only and on one issue only


336.580.3355 or

For office visits and e-gift cards,  Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted

*All duration times indicated are actual table time. I customize each session to the needs of the client. The most requested massage is a combination of deeper, more specific work and relaxation. For instance, if you feel your shoulder or neck or lower back is bothering you, more time can be spent in those areas during the course of the session as the rest of the body is worked as well. Another common request is that of working just one area of the body, generally the hips or the shoulder. I usually do a check of the rest of the back and legs just to be sure there are no other areas of concern.