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If you’re new to massage…

Welcome!  You’ve chosen a great way to get relaxed and feel better!  Here are some frequently asked questions you may have regarding your first massage with  me.

Do I have to be naked for the session?

No.  I usually let the client dictate what their comfort levels are, and most clients keep their underwear on.  Some like to be naked.  Some women like to keep their bras on.  Some like to remain fully clothed.

There are massage laws in most states regarding what is called “draping”- that sheets and/or blankets cover the breasts, genitals and buttocks of a client, for their comfort and protection. Some massage techniques are used on these areas, always with the client’s permission.  I usually have a conversation with a client before we start about working the hips and buttocks through the blanket or sheet- massage in this area can alleviate tightness and pain in the lower back.

What can I expect from my first massage experience with you?

A great massage and great service!  One of the first things you’ll do is fill out a health intake form.  This includes information regarding your medical past, medications, injuries, surgeries, what areas you feel you want addressed.  After that is completed you and I will discuss any questions you may have about the massage, what you want worked on and why.  In some cases, depending on your health history, massage may be contraindicated- meaning it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to receive a massage. If you’re under a doctor’s care you would need to get clearance for the massage.

From there, potential medical concerns dealt with, we will both formulate how the session will go. Will this be a full body massage (legs, arms, head and neck, back) or will we be working on one or two specific areas?  Are there areas that you wish for me to avoid?  Are you ticklish anywhere?

I have a little speech I give my new-to- massage clients: please let me know during the session if the pressure I’m applying is too much or not enough.  If there is something I’m doing that is uncomfortable or painful please let me know. This is your massage! I want you to have the massage you’ve always wanted.

What do I do during the massage?

Get as comfortable as you can.  Talk or don’t talk- it’s your session.  I usually tell people the first time I see them that if they want to talk I’ll talk to them.  If they don’t want to, I won’t. Drooling is allowed.

How will the massage feel?

Nice relaxing, flowing strokes initially help the muscles relax and warm up.  This also enables me to apply the massage lotion so that the strokes don’t drag uncomfortably on the skin. As the session progresses deeper  and specific pressure may be felt in some of the troubled areas.  Deep relaxation is a usual by-product of the massage.  But if there is discomfort or pain please let me know.

There are just a few questions that could come up regarding this new and exciting experience.  I will be working on a page for the different types of massage very soon- this may also clear up any confusion regarding techniques.